Mama hilft ihr Bonns Kandidatin für den ESC hat ein Geheimrezept

Bonn - Noch knapp einen Monat, dann entscheidet Deutschland über ihren großen Traum. Am 22. Februar steigt der deutsche Vorentscheid zum Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in der ARD – und Makeda Michalke (28), benannt nach der Königin von Saba, will sich dann nach Tel Aviv singen. Wir trafen die Sängerin vorab in der Bonner Innenstadt.

Bonner Sängerin Makeda Michalke will zum ESC

Die Bonner Sängerin Makeda ist mehrfach zum ESC eingeladen worden. Sie winkte dreimal ab. In diesem Jahr sagte sie für die Nominierung zu - und ist unter den Top sechs,

Von Thomas Kölsch, 01.12.2018


SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

A high-point came with the encore.  Not a surprise in that it was the always popular rocker ‘Freeway’.  What made it extra special was a deliciously put together loop track from Makeda’s vocal.  Great to hear some experimenting with the sound going on.  Which brings me to a critical point.  Steal a Taxi undoubtedly deliver a solid and professional set, and make no mistake, they are certainly still one of Bonn’s finest musical exponents in my book.  Martin Schmidt is musically and visually a great counter-point to Makeda (and visually something for the girls whilst the men have their attention on Miss Purple!)  They need, and have, a solid fundament of bass and drums to keep a Funk/Rock groove going.  Makeda though has been down to Poland this year, mixing in Jazz waters with the likes of Pee Wee Ellis and Polish Jazzman Gregor Piotrowski.  She has some fine songs under her belt without a doubt, but I really would love to see her try something a little different – take a few steps down the Jazz road musically perhaps (with a little sprinkling of Funk still, naturally) alongside the work with Steal a Taxi.

Captivating – Makeda on keys

Photo: John Hurd


NOVEMBER 10, 2017

The sea of cameras is off and clicking from the moment the band step onstage and Makeda takes a seat behind her Nord Electro piano.  If you’ve followed this site then you will have seen the video of ‘Feel Like Home’.  One of those spine tingling ballads.  It lets both audience and band settle in for the night musically.  A shame that for such a wonderful song the sound levels are still in need of adjustment but you’ve gotta start somewhere…

Makeda is of course the centre point of the show, and every time I see her perform she seems more at ease with the role.  A lot of appearances in Cologne’s ‘Bodyguard – The Musical’ will have helped that, she will have had plenty of practice there dancing too, and the cameras click away as much when she sings as when she dances in between verses which says everything that needs saying on that subject.

Photo: John Hurd

Virtuoses Zusammenspiel im BLUE STAR

Makeda Purple ist Vieles: Sängerin, Musicaldarstellerin, Schauspielerin, Mensch – die eine Hälfte Deutschland, die andere Hälfte Trinidad und Tobago. Die unorthodoxe Sängerin durfte schon an den buntesten Orten Bühnenerfahrung sammeln. Mit ihrer damaligen Band Genda war sie Support für NNeka, hatte Auftritte als Backgroundsängerin für die schweizerische Künstlerin Stefanie Heinzmann und auf der Tournee der TV-Show „The Voice of Gemany". Für das Musical „Bodyguard" im Kölner Musicaldome war sie bis vor kurzem als Cover und Walk-in für die beiden Hauptrollen der Show engagiert.

Photo Courtesy Jenny Bartsch



It’s no secret of course that there is a lot to like about Steal A Taxi.  If you’ve followed this website for a couple of years then you will know how highly I rate the bands mix of Pop-Funk Rock.  It’s always a pleasure to hear a band progress with each listen and this band has certainly not disappointed each time.  It’s especially good to see that all the effort of PopCamp coaching with the band is paying dividends both visually and musically.  The backing tape that builds the excitement of the bands appearance could maybe have a bit more of a swirling keyboard feel about it and a dark stage too but it’s proof the band is putting thought and effort into putting on not just a concert but a SHOW.  You’re on to a winner from the off anyway when you have a centre-point as visually striking as singer Makeda, and it would be easy to think her sultry looks were enough for fame, but she co-writes the material, plays a funky bass and a delicate electric piano, talks to the audience, sings with power and even manages to close the ‘abyss’ of a gap between stage and audience with just a few words.

Did I mention she cuts a cool figure on bass too?

Photo: John Hurd

Makeda Michalke ist eine Sängerin mit vielen Talenten

BONN. Eineinhalb Jahre lang hat Makeda Michalke im Musical „Bodyguard“ mitgewirkt und dabei auch immer wieder die Hauptrolle übernommen. Damit nicht genug: Jetzt will die 26-jährige Sängerin wieder Songs schreiben.

Von Thomas Kölsch, 01.07.2017

22.05.2016 Starker Auftritt im Musical Dome

KÖLN. Die Bonnerin Makeda (25) singt in der Hauptrolle des Musicals "Bodyguard" die Welthits von Whitney Houstons. Wir haben sie zum Interview getroffen.

Von Klaus Weese, Heinz Dietl, 22.05.2016



Bonner Theaternacht-Party und Konzert: STEAL A TAXI

April 28, 2016

Konzert der Band STEAL A TAXI mit der umwerfenden Soulsängerin Makeda: Es ist dunkel. Nebel füllt den Raum. Ein Beat, ein Echo - eine Gitarre, wie aus einem Westernstreifen. Ein tiefer, drückender Bass. Aus dem Nebel, eine Silhouette, die mit leiser Stimme singt: „I am everything you want, honey. I’m everything you need, honey“.

Photo Courtesy Sabine Büttner



'Whether the bass driven ‘Addiction’, The slow funk of ‘Don’t Fall in Love’ or the rocky ‘I Wanna Know’, there is  Something for everyone but always with a trademark vocal from Makeda.  The girl herself has made quantum leaps as ‘front Frau’  too.  There’s a positiveness and tempo about her'....'a commanding stage presence that was part charisma and part sheer confidence and saw her move effortlessly from behind a bass guitar with a funky beat, to behind a piano with an evocative ballad.'

Photo: John Hurd